You can rent the Manor for 24 hours and 350 euros. But I understand that it is not always necessary overnight. Minimum rent for the manor is 50 euros. A few people for photo sessions or wedding pictures, as well as small gatherings of no more than one hour.

Tasting of traditional Kurzeme porridge kochi. Taste traditional Latvian gastronomic values. Minimum number of 20 people. But it can feed up to 80 people. Price 3.50 without food.
Apply at least a day before.

Great tasting of Smilskalnu wine, delivered ready by the neighbors. Tasting takes place in the manor’s large hall, which creates a special atmosphere. With stories and comments from the winemaker himself. The price is 5 euros. Minimum number of visitors is 10.

In any case, if not available, call immediately and ask!


Kuldīgas novads
Padures pagasts

+371 29640028