What you can experience in the manor

Padure Manor does not sell overnight stays. It gives experience and the opportunity to enjoy time with loved ones. It offers unforgettable memories that will stay with you for life. It offers romantic evenings on the manor terrace in solitude, enjoying wine and dreaming about their future together. It offers heart-warming family reunion days where everyone you love can gather under one roof to reminisce and catch up on what happened. To meet long-lost brothers, sisters and their children. Where your children can play with their cousins ​​in the halls of the manor, in the many rooms and in the park. Where in a well-equipped kitchen you can prepare various delicacies for your loved ones or order something delicious from the best chefs of nearby Kuldīga. These are foggy mornings in the manor park and over the Padure river. It’s stargazing in the evening and waking up to birdsong in the morning. In the manor, these are the unforgettable moments of life that will shine in your memories like a bright ray of sunshine.

See prices and availability here on AirBnB  This offer is for up to 6 guests. 30 euros for each additional overnight stay.

Excursions accompanied by a guide, which tells about the history of the manor, shows and tells about the interior and architectural values ​​that have been preserved in the manor. In the manor, almost everything has been preserved from the 19th century. About manor life in ancient and not so ancient times. Excursions are organized at specific times, which are announced on this page and on the profile of the manor in social networks. As well as applying for an individual or group visit. Visit fee per person  euros, children up to 7 years old free of charge.

Fantastic photo sessions are created in the manor and it is popular with the best photographers in Latvia. Here, every room has its own character. Here the old mixes with the new and you can fulfill your most beautiful fantasies. If you don’t know a photographer, we will offer you the best ones. Room rental for a photo session is 30 euros per hour and the minimum fee is 90 euros.

NB! All services are only available if someone else is not already enjoying manor life.


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