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july, 2019

2019fri5jul - 7jul 520:00jul 7Furniture restoration/renovation camp20:00 - 15:01 (7)

2019sat27jul19:00- 23:00Cecilia's Alice's tea drinking19:00 - 23:00 Padures muiža


Cecilia’s Alice’s tea drinking

This weekend, July 27, at 19:00, we will have another celebration of Cecilia Day. This time it will be based on the story of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Do you want to go to Wonderland and have tea with Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare and Sonya, play croquet,...

Work time in this weekend

As in this weekend we will have Furniture restoration/renovation workshop the manor in this weekend 6th and 7th July will be closed for visitors. Visit now or plan to next week. #travel #heritage #visitlatvia


Kuldīgas novads, Padures pagasts,
Padure, Latvija
+371 29640028

How to get

From Riga you can get there by driving on the A10 / E22 road to Kandava turning onto P130. After you reach Kuldiga there are two options. Go through Kuldiga and see this beautiful city or use the bypass. By the bypass you should travel around Kuldiga until you see the sign "Ventspils". Then there is a very small piece left. Approximately 6 km turn right, where the very beautiful linden alley begins. And you are here. Total distance from Riga is 168 km.

It's even easier from Ventspils. Find the P108 and drive 47 km and then turn left onto Paduri. And again you are here. Total distance 52.3 km

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Kuldīgas novads, Padures pagasts, Padure, Latvija
Tālr. nr.: +371 29640028

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