For the first time Padure as part of Cours land Bandava was mentioned in 1253. First records of Padure Manor allocation are from Year 1404 when the Master of Order Dietrich von Torck issued Hermann Grund (Hermann Grundy) land in Kuldiga’s Commandry at Venta river.
In Year 1526 Master of Order Plettenberg allocate for Jacob Frank. In XVII century manor was owned by Johann von Dönhof family. From 1652 to 1682 as the owner is mentioned officer and elder Johann von Dönhof.
From Year 1702 to 1799 manor was owned by the family von Korff which during the time of Great North War also own the large estate of the Dukes in Kuldiga.
Wilhelm Korff is mentioned Padures since 1702 (+1719.), after his death the owner becomes his son, the master, Durbe Hauptman Friedrich Casimir. He handed in his will Padure as a family manor and indivisible heritage to eldest son, chamberlain Friedrich Casimir (1713th-1768th). It was not married, so the property was transferred to another brother Wilhelm Ernst (1714th-1793rd) who left it his son Gerhard Heinrich (1759th-1820th). He gives a manor as a heritage as pledge to Georg von Schroeder from 1799-1808.
In Year 1814 all the estates of Korf which traveled to Russia were declared bankrupt with the Senate decree (decree) and Padure were put up for sale. In Year 1827 in auction for 35 000 silver rubles gained Ernestine von Stempel (born von Holtey), who was married to Friedrich Reinhold Stempel (1755th-1858th).
Year 1837 Padure Manor owner mortgaged it to Scottish nobleman, merchant from Riga John Lewis Balfour for 60 000 rubles as a heritage pledge. He ordered to build a new manor house.
After his death owner becomes his son Edward (+1866.). After his death the widow managed the manor until 1878 when it was taken over by the eldest son of Adolf Balfour. He were killed together with their coachman near Struņķukroga in 1921 shortly before the nationalization of property. For a moment the manor was inherited by his nephew Seraphim.
In Year 1922 manor were divided and the manor house handed to the Ministry of Agriculture for two-year agricultural school which operated until 1944. Then the building was entirely taken over by the German Army for hospital.
In 1945, the palace arranged Lejaskurzeme agricultural experimental station that existed until 1995. Now the castle with the largest part of the park is privately owned by Jānis Lazdāns
Padure Manor original building ensemble has not survived.
The present manor house was built in the parade yard opposite the entrance side of the road after Year 1837 in late classicism or Empire style.
From that time to the present day the building remained authentic exterior doors, wooden stairs to the upper floors, tiled stoves, windows, floors and paintings on the walls.
The park, which were created by early 19th century English landscape park sample arranged by Lord Balfour. In the western edge is preserved ancient linden alley.


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2019sat29jun - 30jun 2920:00jun 30Zaļumballe ar grupu "Roja"20:00 - 02:00 (30) Padures muiža


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Kuldīgas novads, Padures pagasts,
Padure, Latvija
+371 29640028

How to get

From Riga you can get there by driving on the A10 / E22 road to Kandava turning onto P130. After you reach Kuldiga there are two options. Go through Kuldiga and see this beautiful city or use the bypass. By the bypass you should travel around Kuldiga until you see the sign "Ventspils". Then there is a very small piece left. Approximately 6 km turn right, where the very beautiful linden alley begins. And you are here. Total distance from Riga is 168 km.

It's even easier from Ventspils. Find the P108 and drive 47 km and then turn left onto Paduri. And again you are here. Total distance 52.3 km

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Kuldīgas novads, Padures pagasts, Padure, Latvija
Tālr. nr.: +371 29640028
E-pasts: info@paduremanor.com

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