An excursion in the manor accompanied by a landlord or guide, where you will learn about the history of the manor, the preserved values, stories from the manor’s life and future plans. Price 1.50 EUR per person. The duration of the tour is approximately 40 minutes to an hour.


Overnight stay in the manor. In the mansion with a variety of comfort levels, some 100 people can stay overnight. However, we offer up to 16 people. The rent is 15 euros for the overnight stay, but it is best to enjoy it at the company of friends. It is not only a bed in a historic building, but also an evening on the manor park terrace or in the large hall of the manor and waking up with birds. For booking call +37129640028 or


Renting a manor for overnight activities is 250 euros. However, we understand that you do not always need it overnight. The minimum cost of renting a manor is 50 euros. It is suitable for photo sessions or wedding stops, as well as for small social events not longer than two hours.


In any case, if it’s not clear, call and ask immediately!


june, 2019

2019sat1jun19:00- 20:30Reinis Jaunais. Koncerts Padures muižā19:00 - 20:30 Padures muiža

2019sun23jun - 24jun 2317:00jun 24Jāņi celebrating in Padure manor house17:00 - 12:00 (24) Padures muiža

2019sat29jun - 30jun 2920:00jun 30Zaļumballe ar grupu "Roja"20:00 - 02:00 (30) Padures muiža


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Kuldīgas novads, Padures pagasts,
Padure, Latvija
+371 29640028

How to get

From Riga you can get there by driving on the A10 / E22 road to Kandava turning onto P130. After you reach Kuldiga there are two options. Go through Kuldiga and see this beautiful city or use the bypass. By the bypass you should travel around Kuldiga until you see the sign "Ventspils". Then there is a very small piece left. Approximately 6 km turn right, where the very beautiful linden alley begins. And you are here. Total distance from Riga is 168 km.

It's even easier from Ventspils. Find the P108 and drive 47 km and then turn left onto Paduri. And again you are here. Total distance 52.3 km

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Kuldīgas novads, Padures pagasts, Padure, Latvija
Tālr. nr.: +371 29640028

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