Padure is located in Kuldiga’s district. From Riga one can get there by driving on the A10/E22 road and proceeding to road P130 when turn to Kandava has been reached. After that, when Kuldiga is reached there are two options. First – to go through this beautiful city. Second – to use detour road. If you decide to use the detour road, you have to continue to drive until you see a sign – „Ventspils”. Afterwards, you are almost there. Approximately after six kilometers there is a turn to right, where picturesque linden alley is located. That is when you have already reached Padure. The total distance from Riga is 168 km.

To get from Ventspils to Padure is even easier. You must find route P108 and drive 47 km further, then on the left side you will see turn to Padure. And again you have reached Padure. The total distance from Ventspils is only 52.3 km.

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Kuldīgas novads, Padures pagasts, Padure, Latvija

Phone: +371 29640028